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Structural Engineers

Company Profile

Koutsoubis, Alonso Associates (KAA) is a consulting firm providing structural engineering services to architects, owners and contractors in the construction industry. These structural engineering services include the analysis, design and review of constructed facilities.

Geographic Areas of Practice: Our services are provided primarily in the New York Metropolitan Area. However, we are available to provide services throughout the country. Associates of the firm are Registered Professional Engineers in numerous states throughout the country, and are eligible to obtain professional engineering licenses in other states as well.

Construction Types: KAA has provided engineering services for all types of conventional and special structures. Conventional structures include commercial, residential, industrial and institutional buildings. Special structures include spaceframe, geodesic dome, tension/fabric, aerospace and power plant structures. We are involved with the design of new buildings as well as the renovation of existing structures. Materials of construction include steel, concrete, timber and aluminum.

Comprehensive Structural Engineering Services: As the structural engineer of record (SER), KAA is available to provide comprehensive structural engineering services from concept through construction including structural design, preparation of contract drawings and shop drawing review.

Engineering Support: KAA is available to perform specific analysis, design and review tasks for particular building components as required.

Computer-Aided-Engineering: KAA combines practical construction knowledge with state-of-the-art computer analysis and design techniques to provide efficient structural designs. Our capabilities include nonlinear and dynamic analysis. Our drawings are computer generated using AutoCAD and custom software and can be transfered to a wide variety of CAD platforms. Our flexibility gives us the opportunity to quickly investigate alternate structural systems to accommodate your design needs. We are particularly well suited to handle special structures having complex geometries and requiring sophisticated structural analysis.

Construction Phase Services: KAA provides a wide range of structural engineering services required by contractors, fabricators and erectors including analysis, design and review for shoring, scaffolding, underpininng and temporary supports.

Graphics for Steel Structures (GSS): KAA's association with GSS, formerly Charles Cohn and Son (CCS), gives KAA access to over 60 years of experience in the construction business. CCS has been in existence for almost 95 years, serving the structural steel industry continuously since 1924.

Safety Consulting: In additional to structural engineering, KAA, upon request, is available to provide safety consulting services for contractors including safety plan preparation and safety inspections. KAA personnel have extensive knowledge of OSHA regulations, have taken OSHA safety courses as part of their continuing education and are licensed as NYC certified site safety managers.

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